New Contract Award – Saudi Arabian Government Agency

Westminster Group, a leading supplier of security equipment and services worldwide, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Westminster Arabia has been awarded a contract to supply advanced liquid explosive detection equipment to a government agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

LSR-M2 Liquid Detector

The LSR-M2 can scan various types of containers for explosive or flammable liquids within 1-4 seconds. Due to its advanced detection capabilities, the solution has a number of applications, particularly within airports as it allows for the safe passage of liquids through airport security. The device meets the performance of Type A and Type B Standard-3 as required by the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference).

Westminster Arabia’s Sales & Operations Manager, Richard Conlon, commented:

“The LSR-M2 is in operation at all international and domestic airports in Japan and we are proud to have been appointed as an authorised distributor and to be introducing this fantastic product to the Middle East for the first time. In addition to traditional security screening the LSR-M20 may be especially important within KSA in light of GACA’s (General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia) recent ban on the transport of Zamzam (Holy) water by pilgrims. Traditionally, pilgrims would bring Zamzam back to their home countries after performing Hajj or Umrah.

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