New Contract Award – NGO West Africa

Westminster Group Plc announces that its Technology Division subsidiary Westminster International Ltd has secured a new contract for the supply of a quantity of its WG E Explosive & Narcotic Detectors to an NGO based in West Africa.

The WG E Explosive & Narcotic Detector is a portable ruggedised unit that utilises an individual detection swipe card for each test. It will detect both trace and bulk amounts of a substance, the user can sample both large amounts of an unknown substance or test for unseen traces on any surface. Each detection swipe card is clearly marked with a unique serial number that allows the detector to log the date, time, GPS coordinates, temperature, altitude, and the result of each test for evidential recording.

Westminster’s experience, expertise and international presence means Governments, NGO’s and companies around the world, such as this, are able to procure specialist services and equipment from a known and trusted source with confidence.

Follow this link for further information on the WG E Explosive & Narcotic Detector