New Contract Award – European Government Agency

Westminster is pleased to announce that its Technology Division has secured a new contract from a European Government Agency for the provision of advanced body screening technology.

The contract, valued at over £80,000 was awarded to Westminster after a detailed study and consultation process. Under the contract Westminster will provide its advanced CP body screening system capable of detecting contraband, explosives and other such items concealed on or within the body at one of the Agency’s facilities. The Agency concerned has over 100 sites and facilities throughout the country for which it is looking to improve security.

The Westminster CP Body Scanner provides detailed images that identify items that are both concealed ON the body under clothes and IN the body (to detect swallowed items) and also within prosthetic devices and is utilised at high security locations such as Airports, Border Crossings, Governmental Buildings, Military Establishments and other such high security facilities. Further information on Westminster’s CP Scanner may be found here