Mass Entry Screening Solution for Northern Theatre & Exhibition Complex

Westminster’s Technology Division has been awarded a contract to provide a Mass Entry Screening solution to a significant theatre and exhibition complex in Northern England as part of its preparation for the UK’s forthcoming ‘Protect Duty’ legislation.

The forthcoming Protect Duty legislation, which is shortly due to come into force within the UK, will set out standards to protect patrons and the general public from terrorist attacks when in crowded spaces by putting in place appropriate security measures. This could include settings such as sports stadiums; festivals and music venues; hotels; pubs; clubs; bars and casinos; high streets; retail stores; shopping centres and markets; schools and universities; medical centres and hospitals; places of worship; government offices; job centres; transport hubs; parks; beaches; public squares and other places where gatherings of people occur. The Home Office estimates that 650,000 UK businesses could be affected.

The complex concerned has hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and the safety and security of both visitors and staff is something the organisation takes very seriously. As part of their preparations for Protect Duty and general security improvements, they were looking for a solution that would enable security staff to efficiently screen the large numbers of visitors without creating delays or bottlenecks and approached Westminster for advice and guidance.

Westminster’s Mass Screening solutions address this issue, allowing for the screening of large numbers of people entering an event or venue without slowing the natural flow, improving both security and visitor experience and is just one of the many ways in which Westminster can assist companies and organisations prepare and improve their security.

Commenting on the contract award, Westminster CEO, Peter Fowler, said:

“Following our recent announcement of a contract award to provide mass screening solutions for an iconic building in the UK, I am delighted our Technology Division has secured yet another prestigious contract as part of our drive to assist companies improve their security and prepare for the forthcoming Protect Duty legislation.”

For more information on Protect Duty and how Westminster may assist organisations improve security, visit our website page here