Level of Enquiries and Sales of Non-COVID 19 Products Rise as the World Begins the Return to Work

A surge in enquiries and sales of non-Covid 19 products is a pleasing sign that industry is starting the slow process of getting back to work and kickstarting economic growth.

The filtering of business employees and customers alike combined with increased operations of a number of industry sectors has increased the levels of enquiries and sales of non-Covid 19 products over the past two weeks. Contract awards for the supply of Metal Detectors, Explosive Detectors and Specialist Testing Equipment has shown that although this time has seen a real time downturn in operational processes there is still a need for security and safety equipment that Westminster can supply to its client database and beyond.

Westminster’s Product Portfolio is extensive and continually looking for new cutting edge technology to be added. The diversity of products on the portfolio give Westminster the option to offer a number of solutions to clients as opposed to a single manufacturers product line.

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