Get Exclusive access to Figen Murray’s highly sought-after Dissertation on Counter Terrorism

Westminster is the proud sponsor of the exclusive release of Figen Murray’s highly anticipated dissertation: “Investigating the capacity of the proposed Protect Duty legislation to enhance Public Safety through social attitude change”.

The publication has been exclusively released by Counter Terror Business magazine and is available to read now.

Click here to access Figen Murray’s Dissertation

Protect Duty is set to have a profound and lasting effect on security provision in the UK – encompassing Publicly Accessible Locations (PAL’s) and requiring them to actively protect visitors and staff.

The Westminster Group has been working in collaboration with a number of stakeholders for Protect Duty, including public figures, magazines, industry experts, and the police in readiness for the upcoming legislation and can not only provide support and consultancy to assist venues to understand the requirements but can provide all the equipment, training and support services required.

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