Figen Murray OBE – Martyn’s Law (Amended Protect Duty)

Figen Murray OBE, is the mother of Martyn Hett, who at 29 years of age was tragically killed alongside 21 others at the UK’s Manchester Arena terrorist attack in May 2017.

Since the Manchester Arena attack, Figen has been working with the Government and the security industry to make the tangible changes that can prevent terrorist atrocities and save lives. Figen’s dedication and work in counter terrorism saw her awarded an OBE in the 2022 New Year’s Honours List.

Figen is the force behind Martyn’s Law (Amended Protect Duty), a legislation requiring publicly accessible locations to improve security against the threat of terrorism and she has campaigned tirelessly for legislation which would see venues adopt appropriate security measures.

Figan Murray OBE

The new legislation, expected to be in force later this year, will affect all venues with a capacity in excess of 100 patrons, estimated to be some 650,000 venues across the UK.

Commenting on the proposed legislation Westminster’s Head of Sales, Lorraine Hellend, stated:

“Westminster are proud to have supported Figen’s drive for this much needed legislation, including sponsoring of her highly sought after Dissertation on Counter Terrorism and Protect Duty Legislation in 2022.

“We have been working in collaboration with a number of stakeholders for Martyn’s Law, including public figures, magazines, industry experts and the police in readiness for the upcoming legislation and can not only provide support and consultancy to assist venues understand the requirements but can provide all the equipment, training and support services required.”

Commenting on Westminster’s support Figen Murray added:

“I am grateful for the support and commitment Westminster have provided to this programme and public safety in general. I am committed to ensuring Martyn’s Law is a success and hope that through educating young people around the dangers of radicalisation, I can help stop attacks like the Manchester Arena one from happening in the future.”

In the video below Figen provides a moving and personal update on the background and current status of Martyn’s Law.

Note: A full length version of the video may be found here Please note this video does contain content some viewers my find distressing so exercise self care.

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