Figen Murray and Martyn’s Law at CTX 2024

At Counter Terror Expo 2024, an event bringing together professionals to explore the latest in counter-terrorism solutions, we had the honor of attending a panel led by Nick Aldworth and featuring Figen Murray, the driving force behind Martyn’s Law.

We have long supported Figen’s efforts and the proposed legislation, which aims to enhance protective security measures at public venues. Figen, alongside other experts, discussed the importance of the law in preventing catastrophic events and the collaborative efforts needed to ensure its successful implementation.

The discussions highlighted that while Martyn’s Law has garnered significant political support, awareness outside the industry remains low, risking misinformation and opposition. The panel emphasized the law’s potential to save lives through mandated venue security, akin to health and safety regulations, and the vital role of continuous planning and training.

Westminster CEO, Peter Fowler, spoke to Figen and reiterated our support for Martyn’s Law, understanding that proactive measures are essential to safeguard our communities.

Peter Fowler and Figen Murray