Explosive and Narcotics Detectors supplied to tackle drug crime in Vietnam

The Westminster Group have recently supplied a quantity of EVD3300 Handheld Explosive & Narcotics Detectors to a Vietnamese company.

The products will supply the drug and crime prevention force within the Vietnamese military, in order to help tackle drug crime in Vietnam.

The EVD3300 Handheld Explosive & Narcotics Detector can positively identify the presence of explosives and narcotics. Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology, the detector delivers extremely accurate results within 10 seconds. The EVD3300 Handheld Explosive & Narcotics Detector is ideal for use in critical infrastructure; customs and borders; embassies and consulates; force protection; high-security events, royal and diplomatic protection; and VIP screening.

Westminster have a range of products that are designed to assist with the detection of explosives and/or narcotics, including both handheld and desktop detectors.

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