Diversity of Clients, Product Portfolio Growth and Return to Work Marketing

Westminster’s diverse global client network has been engaging throughout the COVID-19 pandemic seeking solutions to meet their bespoke requirements. The Product Portfolio has had to stay up with overwhelming demand to ensure the offerings meet the requirements. Although Westminster’s global reach is extensive a drive to expand the customer database is in full swing. Exciting times continue and there is more to come.

The multitude of clients have contacted Westminster for expert advice and product solutions. It has been invigorating to see the trust placed in Westminster from both returning customers and new clients to provide them with the tools to move forward in these challenging times. A diverse array of market sectors including global financial institutions, governmental agencies, exhibition centres and another Super Bowl winning NFL team are amongst this week’s clients. Four NFL Super Bowl winning teams have now sought out Westminster to provide them with fever detection systems to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The teams spread right across the US from east coast to west and are some of the biggest names in the sport.

The demand for different products to meet different needs has been widespread, Westminster has put in place measures to investigate a number of possibilities that will enhance its product portfolio and offering with a focus on solutions that can integrate into customers’ existing security and safety measures. New thermal cameras, mobile testing pods and sanitising equipment have recently been added to the portfolio and the sourcing continues daily to ensure our customers have what they need.

A Get Back to Work marketing campaign has recently been circulated with significant success, further campaigns are about to be released. The outreach Westminster has to its clients is quite astonishing but the drive to expand this outreach is a key component of the growth plan the business has. Further to this a very exciting new marketing platform is being discussed at advanced stages with the aim of taking the Westminster brand and it capabilities to a wider audience. More to follow..