Covid-19 The New Kind Of “Normal”

As noted on previous news articles Westminster has been inundated from its global network of clients and beyond for advice, products and services to aid in defeating the spread of the Covid-19 virus, there is little or no sign of this interest in these solutions slowing down. The current hot topic of conversation is the need for fever screening devices in the work place as the global population looks to emerge from lockdown restrictions and return to a new kind of “normal”.

Right from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Westminster has been supplying solutions to customers from the four corners of the world, a diverse range of existing clients and new from numerous market sectors including international cruise ports, aviation logistics and the construction industry. Westminster has a wide range of cutting-edge technology at various price points to ensure that there is a fit for purpose solution for all businesses regardless of size and stature.

Fever detection/screening equipment has been a real focus of our clients requirements from mass crowd screening to individual detection, it is expected that this requirement will continue to grow as industry and commercial sectors prepare to place systems and processes in order to get back to work. Westminster is continuing to work alongside its global clients helping make that transition back to work as well ordered as possible.