Bomb Blankets Explained

How can you suppress a suspected bomb in a public or commercial setting?

Bomb Blanket and Safety Circle are the most cost effective and easy to use solutions currently available to suppress the effects of an IED and contain the fragments and shrapnel ejected during an explosion.

Bomb Blankets are commonly used by the Armed Forces, Police and many governmental offices. Westminster has seen the number of enquires rise from corporations, national attractions, and event venues.

Bomb Blankets are highly effective and easy to use, no formal training is necessary, however Westminster provide a video tutorial of the correct operational method and best practices to give users the confidence to correctly place the Bomb Blanket.

To use, simply place the safety circle around the suspected bomb, then place the bomb blanket over the up. The safety circle prevents the blanket from making direct contact with the device.

The user can then retreat to a safe distance and await for bomb disposal experts to arrive.

Should the bomb explode, the safety circle will help direct the blast upwards, then the blanket on top will contain most of the fragments emitted from the bomb.

For more information about bomb blankets, or blast mitigation click here.

Recently, Westminster Group have sold a number of Bomb Blankets to a well-known international logistics company, which have been distributed to a number of their hubs throughout Europe and have become an essential part of their mitigation against explosives in their depots.