Better transport infrastructure boosts trade and prosperity

‘Better transport infrastructure boosts trade and prosperity’iStock_000004353117Medium this was the title of a speech given by Stephen Hammond MP, the UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport at the recent fifth Annual International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IICF) on the benefits of better transport infrastructure.

The speech highlighted the benefits of a better transport infrastructure to countries, particularly in Africa, and the fact that improved capacity and better connectivity between cities and nations boosts trade and creates growth and prosperity.

In this respect I am delighted that, in our own small way, we will be assisting a nation’s growth and prosperity by improving access and connectivity on vital routes by the provision of high quality, professional and safe ferry service to transport passengers between key national facilities and the main conurbations.

I am particularly proud of the fact that it is through our extensive international reputation and presence that we were approached to provide a solution for this service and through our wide network of contacts were able to organise a joint venture arrangement with a leading ferry boat manufacturer and operator, with whom we will be able to provide the quality of service we are known for.

Having now signed an MoU with the Minister of Transport in the country concerned we are now working hard with our partners to finalise formalities and I look forward to ‘launching’ (excuse the pun) this flagship project in the next few months.