AGM – An Enjoyable Day with Shareholders

Westminster’s AGM yesterday was both enjoyable and a great success on all counts. We had a gloriously sunny day and a good turnout creating a great atmosphere.

I was pleased to see so many shareholders attend the event, many of which travelled long distances to be there. We are fortunate indeed to have such loyal and supportive shareholders and I am grateful to all those who attended.

The event was a great opportunity for shareholders to meet the board and our staff and to engage with us on an individual basis. I hope our guests enjoyed the meetings, which were held in an open and friendly manner, as much as we did. Our staff have taken great heart from the supportive comments that shareholders made throughout the course of the day. Whilst we, as a board, communicate investor feedback throughout the business as much as possible, it remains that direct feedback from investors themselves cannot be paralleled as inspiration for our team members.

I hope that everyone gained a better understanding of our business, our organisation and our prospects. Despite frustrations over delays in finalising the East African contract, which we share, it is important to stress that this opportunity is but one step towards realising our prospect pipeline which is immense and accelerating. To answer one comment – we are not just offering jam tomorrow – but caviar.

During the event, guests had the opportunity to view various demonstrations of technical equipment, search and screening procedures and practical K9 substance detection dog trials – from all the comments I have received everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I would like to end by publically acknowledging that the success of the day was largely due to the hard work of all the Westminster staff involved, who worked extremely hard over the preceding few days to make sure things were prepared and organised, my sincere thanks to them all.