2020 Born Problems Require Solutions – Westminster Solutions

Over the past number of months Westminster has been working at full throttle, vigorously pursuing new opportunities to a world that requires solutions for a range of 2020 born problems. Exciting times that just keep coming.

Whether it is Online Training Courses or Fever Screening Products, Unattended Retailing (Vending Machines) or Personal Protective Equipment, Westminster has the solution to meet the problem head on. Adapting an already strong global network of suppliers and experts Westminster has been ahead of the game when sourcing the correct technology to meet the demand.

Westminster’s General Manager, Hamish Russell, commented “it certainly has been a busy and exciting time over the past 4-5 months. There are so many varied and unique opportunities that require different skill sets so there has be an element of learning as you go but I believe we are getting there. We have a number of people working from home and that brings its own challenges but everyone has bought into what we are trying to achieve which is great to see. I am also delighted that we had the foresight and vision to see a number of potential opportunities and act on them staying ahead of the game in terms of supply chain availability and of course our competitors.”

Westminster has further exciting times and plans ahead with the launch or a new website, marketing campaigns on new platforms and local charity work just some of the other activities that are keeping the Westminster Team at full throttle. There is little or no sign of activity slowing down soon, just the opposite.