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Westminster Group’s Aviation Specialists Renew Training Contract with one of the UK’s Busiest Airports

Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd (WASS), a subsidiary of Westminster Group, are pleased to have renewed their contract to deliver Ground Security Officer (GSO) training to security staff at a large UK airport.

This training provides new staff with a foundation of skills and knowledge at the start of their journey to becoming security officers. Allowing them to appreciate their important roles and to ensure the airport have skilled and competent staff to maintain operational effectiveness.

Security staff are trained to understand the threat and how to implement regulations to reduce the risk. Also to effectively control access points within an airport, conduct search and screening checks of people and their baggage, as well as learning to use x-rays, scanners, explosive trace detection (ETD) and liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS).

Westminster are proud to continue to support their clients within the aviation security industry in the UK and overseas.

You can learn more about our security training courses and the provision of security equipment on our dedicated page here – or you can email [email protected]

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