Covid-19 Fever Detection Technology Requirement for American Sports Teams and Casinos

As the continued unprecedented levels of enquiries for Covid-19 Fever Detection Products is showing little or no sign of slowing down, Westminster has been engaging with a number of household names within the National Leagues of sport in the United States.

An order for WG 320 Dual Metal and Fever Detection Walk Through by a multiple NFL Super Bowl winning side was placed this week with a view to a further purchase dependent on integration and operational processes. This sale was followed up by an enquiry and sale indication from a recent consecutive winner of the NBA Finals.

US Casinos who thrive on footfall have also entered into discussions and sales with Westminster about products that can provide fever screening and security as they look to put in place measures to get back to business as soon as restrictions are lifted.

The US Sports and Casino businesses highlight the reach Westminster has via its client network and web platforms, a truly global audience has sought advice, purchased products and trusted Westminster to provide solutions to Detect, Mitigate and Defeat the spread the Covid-19 pandemic.