February 2021

Westminster’s X-Ray Scanners and Handheld Metal Detectors supplied to a company in India

Westminster recently provided a procurement and sourcing agency in the UK with an X-Ray Scanner and a number of our Handheld Metal Detectors. The agency supplies a complete range of…

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Westminster continue to offer an increasing number of remote training packages

Westminster’s ‘remote training’ packages allow you to attend training from your place of work, whether that is in your work office or your new office at home. The CAA are…

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Westminster supply Under Vehicle Inspection Equipment to Trinidadian Tactical Solutions Company

Westminster have recently fulfilled a contract to supply a Trinidadian company with a number of our Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems. Westminster’s vehicle security systems are used for the inspection of vehicles…

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Westminster recently provided a Trinidadian Security Company with Fever Screening & Metal Detection Equipment

The WG 320 Walkthrough Fever & Metal Detector is an effective solution to combine fever screening with metal detection, reducing the time needed to screen individuals. It provides detection of…

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Westminster provides Bhutan’s Anti-Corruption Commission with Specialist Recording Equipment

Westminster has recently supplied the Anti-Corruption Commission in Bhutan with Portable Interview recording equipment. Westminster’s audio recorders are designed for use in law enforcement interviews, including in the police, courts,…

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